Honey Maker Hive

Honey Super

Wooden Hive Top Feeder

Includes a base, wind Baffle, a deep hive body, honey super, plastic moisture barrier, insulated top with bee escape, queen excluder, plastic cover and landing board.

Does not include frames. Uses standard Langstroth frames.

  • 6 ⅝” honey super for the honey maker bee hive
  • Takes 6 ¼” frames.
  • Has a metal frame spacer used to accurately space 7 frames in an 8-frame box. This makes it easier decap the honey.

This honey super only fits the honey maker bee hive.

  • Fully assembled wooden honey bee hive top feeder.
  • All joints are caulked with 100% silicone to ensure proper sealing.
  • The bottom is made of urethane coated maple plywood for durability against moisture.
  • Wooden floats keep drowned bees to a minimum.
  • Bees have access to the syrup chambers so they can clean it up completely.

Note: This top feeder only fits the honey maker hive.