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Complete Guide Book to Chemical Free Bee Keeping

Make More Honey

Because we both speak on the topic and raise honey bees of our own, we felt compelled to create a guide and a resource for others to do what we’ve done and grown to love. This book tells you, in a straightforward manner, how to raise honeybees without using chemicals, and every sentence is informative. Through our book and our instructions on chemical free beekeeping, we’re confident that you will be able to achieve the same success.¬†Some of the chapters include:

  • how to make splits without buying queens
  • how to control varroa mites without using chemicals
  • installing package bees
  • the “honey maker” (formerly our “professional”) beehive
  • collecting swarms
  • extracting honey
  • processing beeswax
  • preparing your hives for spring, and fall
  • trapping honey bees and much more.

If you’re looking to raise strong, healthy honey bees and increase honey production, you’ve found the right book to assist you in doing so! Buy it via ebay today.