Our Story

Perry and Beverly Riley were both born in west central Indiana. Each with strong connections to Mother Nature, they grew up entertaining themselves with the outdoors. Perry worked as an electrical-electronics technician and Beverly taught special education before they retired. Beverly’s first husband was in the military and when they moved to Terre Haute, Indiana, they bought a small farm where she and Perry live today. Soon, Beverly was able to talk Perry into getting two beehives and they’ve been immersed in bees ever since, dedicated to showing others how to raise bees successfully without the use of chemicals.

Many beekeepers in the US use chemicals such as apiguard, apivar, apistan, strips, mite-a-thol, and check-mite in their beehives, even though these chemicals are killing bees. In a world full of pesticides and weed killers, honeybees experience a serious strain from chemicals and struggle to stay alive. Through seminars and classes, Perry and Beverly learned how to properly care for and raise bees without the use of harsh chemicals.

Then, Perry and Beverly had the incredible opportunity to house a foreign exchange student from Germany, Dietrich, whose family raised bees. In August of 2014, Dietrich invited the Rileys to visit him in Germany.  It was there that Perry and Beverly combined much of their knowledge of chemical free beekeeping with the knowledge of honey efficient methods of beekeeping they learned from Germany, and it was that trip that inspired them to write a book and secure speaking engagements to spread the word about raising healthy, strong chemical free honeybees!